1. How confidential is my data?
We take data security very seriously. Only People Source consultants will be able to view your profile/resume information. Hiring companies will only be presented with candidate information after the People Source consultant has met with you and informed you of the opportunity. We realize the sensitivity of the situation which is why we have taken steps to ensure a completely confidential process. For more detailed information, read our Privacy Policy

2. How can I contact People Source for help?
If you experience difficulties during the registration process, you can e-mail us at resume@peoplesource-me.com Most enquiries are responded to within 24 hours

3. How do I submit a resume?
While we accept all resumes, you will better position yourself by submitting a resume in response to a specific job posting. All you need to do is apply online through our website and indicate the position you are interested in. Please don’t apply for multiple positions since it will disqualify your application.

4. Do you offer summer employment opportunities or internships?
Summer positions and internships are rare. Should a hiring area have this type of opening, they typically add the position to our job page.